Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sometimes Polly pisses me off


He just won't go pee in the mornings unless I take the dogs to the park. I think he knows that if I just take him out to pee in the front or back yard it means that I'm about to stick him back inside and leave for the day. We never have the problem in the mornings before going to trials!


Update: Polly peed and pooped at noon. Stubborn dog.

VAST weather

Weekend weather forcast...

When did I become such a wimp about weather? I grew up in the barren wasteland of Ontario, Canada where we never saw the sun (ok, I'm exaggerating) but 7 years in the San Francisco area has really made me susceptible to cloudy/rainy weather. I HATE IT! And now I have to even do agility in it! WHY didn't I listen to my agility manager and do the covered AKC trial instead??? AKC is even where all of my goals are for the first half of 2008!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We're heading to a USDAA trial this weekend in Turlock. I'm not really looking forward to it because the forcast on accuweather is not looking pretty.

WHY didn't I just sign up for the AKC trial? At least that one is under cover, although when I was there last weekend the surface was very hard and if they don't fix it I don't think I'd want to be back there either.

This weekend will be Icon's 2nd trial in Masters. His first trial was a one day only last weekend where we had Gamblers, Snooker, Standard, Jumpers and Pairs. He came out of that with a Standard, Jumpers and Pairs leg so this weekend I'll be hoping for Standard, Snooker and Gamblers. And if all goes well, he could get his MAD this weekend! Of course I am not expecting that at all, but it's our 'stretch goal' for the weekend.

Apollo is 2 snooker Q's away from his APD. We missed snooker last week due to a backjump on the red so no chance of getting his APD this weekend, but I'm still hoping for that snooker Q! God grant me the strength to stick to an easy course to just get the Q. I tend get out on course to walk and then decide I want to try to win. Then I mess up, of course!


Welcome to

The originaly idea for this blog came from my agility manager, Caroline Winata from Doghouse Arts, who suggested a website,, for Apollo (aka Polly) the FAMOUS agility boxer who is known by his closest friends for eating bad things, and lots of them! His latest binge was 2lbs of Sees Candy's (plus about a cup of dog treats) that he managed to get into while I had Foster and Icon at a splashdogs competition.