Thursday, February 25, 2010

You know I'm busy at work when I don't have time to update my blog.

After my post about feeling unprepared for nationals I went ahead and totally overbooked Icon for agility practice.  I had him doing some sort of lesson/seminar/practice/coursework every day but Wednesdays for 2 weeks!

But it turned out to be a good thing in the end because about half of them them got canceled due to weather or other unforseen circumstances.  So we've been practicing what I would consider a healthy amount.  We signed up for the Laura Derrett Advanced Focus session on Monday nights for 4 weeks and we finally had our first one this week after one was canceled due to rain and other canceled due to a dead generator (which was needed to power the lights).  When I signed up I knew that I was going to hear 'early, early, early' a lot and I wasn't disappointed!  Doh!
Rampage has gotten less practice lately thanks to Icon but we are going to weekly classes now, so that's good, although we are only doing jumpers type equipment because the contacts are on the dark side of the field. 

I haven't done much on the running contacts with him lately.  I'm only doing them in sequence and in general they look pretty good.  But I took him to Pacifica when I was doing course work with Icon and the little bugger leaped from the dogwalk every time and only did slightly better on his a-frames.  He had never seen the equipment before and it is rotting and shaky (there is grass growing on the a-frame slats!) but it sure was frustrating!  His weaves looked great though! 

This weekend we have a pre-box seminar with LD.  It's a half day seminar which I think will be too much for him.  I suspect he'll start out strong and then start to slow down pretty quickly.  I've learned he's not a dog that can stand much drilling.  So I think I'll take a spare dog with me just in case.  And I sure have a lot to choose from since I'm watching a friend's two dogs for a week!

Apollo is back in the top 5 boxers for AKC invitationals.  Yay!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well that was fast

Apollo has been knocked out of the top 5 boxers already!  I guess there were a few who competed the last weekend in January.  But I think that he'll be back in once they enter results from last weekend. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How funny

It was a year ago yesterday that I wrote on my blog, "With AKC Nationals around the corner and WT Tryouts not far after that, I'm starting to get into "I'm not prepared" panic mode. "

I'm so predictable!!!

It looks like I was being more proactive about it last year though.

I can't believe...

I can't believe that AKC nationals is only a month and a half away.  I'm starting to panic a bit about not being prepared!  Aside from the occasional class that doesn't get rained out all we've done agility-wise are SS jump grids, practicing the teeter, and playing on the travel board in my living room.  I wish my yard would dry out so I could at least do some short sequences at home and practice some weave entries.  And I need to give him a refresher about taking the broad jump from weird angles, too.  Where does the time go??

I can't believe that Rampage is 15 months old already.  He has the maturity of a 15 WEEK old sometimes!  He's such a goof, but a cute one.  When I was sick a couple weeks ago and didn't take the dogs out to excercise he happily amused himself with his toys like a little puppy would.  As I lay on the couch dying he pounced and stalked his toy, tossed it up into the air and caught it again, growled and barked at it menacingly.  It was way more fun to watch him than judge judy and soap operas!  Lately friends have been debuting their young dogs in agility and it's really starting to get me excited about competing with Rampage.  I was ALMOST talked into entering him in FAST, but came to my senses.  He's just not ready yet.  I did register him with USDAA though!

I can't believe that Apollo has made it into the boxer top 5 for 2010 invitationals!  The qualifying period is through the end of June so we still have some work to do to stay there, but it looks promising.  Especially after last weekend when he actually won Standard on Sunday and got double points.  We don't win in AKC very often anymore so that was pretty exciting!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Photos by Doghouse Arts (of course)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apollo's new family

We see this pair maybe twice a year at our usual park.  But Apollo remembers.  Oh yes.  She carries with her premium grocery store dog treats like Beggin' Strips (TM) that Apollo would NEVER get at home because they are nothing but chemical flavors, chemical coloring, sugar and at least a micro ounce of some kind of mystery meat (yes, the reason I don't have kids is because I'd be one of "those" mothers.)

From across the 10 acre lot Apollo can see her coming.  He doesn't give me a second glance as he runs up to her and she starts shoving cookies into his mouth.  He is SUCH a boxer!

But he does come back to me.  Eventually...

"Hi Mom!  I'm full!"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Apollo runs to the beat of his own drum.