Thursday, August 27, 2015

The end is near!

Even if Rammy doesn't think so.  But girls are the boss.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ho hum

Well I see why people spay their dogs.  Kirk is in season... I had to withdraw from 3 trials thanks to that.    Two were AKC trials and I had only entered Kirk and only 1 day and got most of my money back, for which I'm thankful.  The last one really hurt though, even though I got my money back for that entirely since I withdrew before close.  It is SMART USDAA, which is the trial before regionals.  This is Kirk's first trial where she's old enough for USDAA and I was counting on the GP/SC opportunities so we might be able to play at regionals.  Additionally, I was hoping it would allow her to become acclimated to jumping 22" (assuming she doesn't measure into 18", which I'm still hoping for but not expecting).    She MAY be out of season by SMART but I didn't feel right waiting until last minute to tell them.  Maybe if she's out I can rescind my withdrawl.  One can dream :) 

So anyway, I'm still looking forward to Bay Team Regionals.  Even if chances are unlikely Kirk will be able to play in the main events she does have a fun team!   And Rammy already has his Q for psj and  bye for pGP so he gets to play.  Icon hasn't been to any USDAA trials this season so we will try in the local's on Friday, but I'm not expecting much because in the limited training we do he tends to run around more jumps than he takes.  He sure seems happy doing it though!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trinity Alps Part 3

We woke up to a beautiful morning!

 photo GOPR1772_zps0gfycjcx.jpg

I normally don't sleep well my first night out backpacking because I hear bears and mountain lions and other scary things whenever the wind blow or a dog shifts but I slept SO well that night.

I made Kirk wear a booty on her cut paw.  She didn't like it at all.
 photo GOPR1778_zps4c8sfap6.jpg

Although she was fine with it when we started hiking.  I started out with her on leash, but that didn't last very long.  And the booty didn't last much longer.  There were so many water crossings that it became a pain to pick her up and carry her over so I just took off her boot and let her go.

 photo GOPR1782_zps4vtdz0sm.jpg

Can you spot Rampage?
 photo GOPR1784_zpsqnqmkhjc.jpg

We had a more leisurely hike out than we did on the way in and stopped to let the dogs play in the water.  This was Bear Creek (I think).

 photo GOPR1795_zpsanrlssan.jpg

 photo GOPR1804_zpsh3opruba.jpg

 photo GOPR1823_zpsrtkz5xzo.jpg

We also found a nice path down to a swimming hole at Swift Creek.

 photo GOPR1840_zpsonyy2rjr.jpg

It wasn't TOO swift, but I did almost lose Rammy down the rapids to the left at first, the water was moving fast there!

 photo GOPR1848_zps26oxsgcs.jpg

So then I sat there to block the way.
 photo GOPR1867_zpsfayxwzah.jpg

Rampage loved the water here but Kirk and Brew weren't so sure, maybe due to the current.

 photo GOPR1852_zpsgigwwewo.jpg

 photo GOPR1881_zpsx53kgfck.jpg

And some gopro fun!
 photo GOPR1932_zpskjxdktxf.jpg

 photo GOPR1933_zpsouf4qz4d.jpg

And then we were done!
 photo GOPR1929_zps9kox5f4r.jpg

I can't wait to go back.
 photo GOPR1945_zpsvp41jum3.jpg