Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I guess it was the warped board causing our issues. I was pretty happy with how he did on the full dogwalk. I wanted to wait another month or so before totally moving to the full DW, but oh well.

093009 - Rammy DW from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Totally warped

My plank for running contacts has warped and I think it's even gotten worse since yesterday. It's a pretty significant warp and I can't make the plank stable. It's starting to look like a piece of licorice! I think it's making Rammy jump off early (something certainly is) although it seems to be helping with Apollo's performance!

I think the universe is trying to tell me to give it up. But I'm not quite ready yet! I just need to figure out what to use as a plank...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Looking back it had been at least a month since the poor little red dog has gotten any kind of formal training from me. I was away for 2 weeks and the 2 weeks before that I was too busy with work, packing, preparing for my trip that I didn't really have time to do anything with him. And let me tell you that he didn't appreciate it. Since coming back he has already given me a war wound on my finger and strategically placed a dog bed in my path so I would trip over it and sprain my big toe. We had a talk after that one.

Anyway, we're getting back into it now that I'm home and Icon gets to have a break (although he thinks he's being punished, poor guy). Over the last couple of days I've been seeing what he's forgotten and what he's retained. Thankfully he seems to have retained his basic obedience including heelwork/circlework. His stays are good except at doorways at crates (I guess Jay didn't care if he ran outside when he opened the door...) and he still loves his teeter bang game. I also really like how his contact board work is looking, especially considering how long it's been since we've done it! His balancing has totally gone downhill. He could barely stay on the bosu ball!

I haven't gone back to the running dogwalk yet, but I plan on doing that next. I'm curious to see what that looks like. And I really have to get Apollo back training running contacts. I think he missed all of his dogwalks at the USDAA regionals :).

It's hard to believe Rampage is almost 11 months old. Where does the time go??

092709 - Rampage contact board from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I had an awesome time in Austria!! Now I know that if my company moves me to Switzerland at least I will love the culture and food. And it was pretty crazy how everywhere we went we saw agility. We passed about 5 different agility training centers and 1 trial as we were sight seeing around Switzerland/Austria (but we didn't see any agility in Lichtenstein).

The event itself was amazing. I have never experienced anything like the energy and excitement, especially during the finals. Team veterans told me that last year the arena was over twice as big as this year, so it must have been even more energy last year!

I was very happy with how Icon and I did overall. Our second run (when he went under the first jump) was a huge learning experience for me. I released him quietly and he wasn't sure he heard me so he stopped right in front of the jump. I released again and he went under it. Doh! What I SHOULD have done was after he stopped the first time, go back and reset him. After all, that wasn't AKC! It is allowed to reset there so long as you don't touch them. Of course that was a nasty course and I'm not sure I could have gotten Icon passed the tunnel after jump #4 anyway :)

The other 3 runs I thought were great, just a stupid misstep on my part in individual jumpers. My biggest regret there is that I didn't save it for just a refusal instead of pushing him to the back for an off-course. After our last run I was pissed that the judge called a teeter fly-off. But after watching the video I guess I have to admit that it was a good call. :) But Icon and I had a blast on that run!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Video coverage of World Championships

Clean Run and Agility Vision have received exclusive rights to provide
streaming video of this event, which will be held in Austria from
September 18-20. Sorry for the short notice... we've been trying to get
permission for almost a year and it just happened this week!

You can purchase two types of video passes --

1. Gives you access to live streaming of the event, plus access to Video
on Demand streaming until September 30th, 2009. This pass costs $19,
which is 12 Pounds or 13 Euros.

2. You can add an additional 1 year of Video on Demand streaming access
(expires September 30th, 2010) for an extra $10, which is 6.85 Euros or
6 Pounds.

To purchase your pass right now, please go to

Note: If for some reason the internet connection that the organizers
provide us is not fast enough or stable enough to support a live stream,
then there will only be Video on Demand streaming. Agility Vision is
very confident that there will be no issues, and will know for sure on
Team Practice day on Thursday. There hasn't been a problem in the past,
but we want people to know that it is a possibility.

Heading out

Well, I'm leaving for Austria today. This week has been crazy getting ready to leave. My project is at a bad point for me to take two weeks off. I trust my team to keep up their slave labor while I'm gone... mostly... But on the bright side, I'm really good at not worrying about work when I'm on vacation. :) I just might be paying for it big time when I'm back...

My ex, Jay, will be staying at my house and watching the dogs while I'm gone. It was a great plan until he hurt his ankle on Monday and is now on crutches. I hope the dogs (meaning Rampage) don't knock him over when they first see him... I already miss Apollo and I'm worried that I'm going to come home to find Rampage has gone feral. Thank god for Foster, I know he takes everything in stride and I never have to worry about him.

I feel like Icon and I are prepared for Worlds. It's a bit of an odd feeling and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. I guess we'll find out!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Some people have a connection with their dog that not only they feel, but everyone around them feels. This is how it was with Geri and Focus.

They had a connection that can't be denied. On the agility course and off. It was obvious that Focus' world revolved around Geri and Geri adored her Focus.

I know a part of Geri died today and part of me, albeit smaller, died with the loss of Focus too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

18 days and counting

Holy cow, only 18 days left until the World Championships in Austria! I think I should start training for it!?!

Haha, just kidding. I don't blog about it much but Icon and I have been training and cross-training very hard since June. I wobble between feeling ready for anything and feeling totally unprepared. I guess it's natural though :). Most of the training we do involves setting up courses from this years WC judges, Bernd Hueppe and Manuel Alff, and running them. Now I'm worried I spent too much time on course work and not enough time on individual skills. I guess there will always be regrets!

The host country had posted the running order for worlds and they have also posted our photos!

Boy, this is starting to seem real to me now!!!

Time Table:
Team Jumping Large
Team Jumping Medium
Team Jumping Small
Team Agility Large (this will determine the final country rankings for Large dogs)

Individual Jumping Small
Individual Jumping Medium
Individual Jumping Large
Team Agility Medium (this will determine the final country rankings for Medium dogs)
Team Agility Small (this will determine the final country rankings for Small dogs)

Sunday: Individual finals for all heights.
Individual Agility Small
Individual Agility Medium
Individual Agility Large

Team USA got really lucky on the start list (run order)! The worst placements are Karen and Sizzle (running 13th in Individual Medium) and Denise and Zippity (running 14th in Individual Large.) Karen is a veteran so it she'll handle it with grace as she does everything, but I feel bad for Denise and Zippity since it's their first time at worlds... I am very grateful for my number midway into the pack.

Team events:

Team Jumpers
Large- 13th out of 29 countries (this means Focus will be 39th to run, Icon 40th and Juice 41st)
Medium - 16th out of 25 countries
Small- 26th out of 26 countries! (Marcy and Wave will be the last small dog to run in Team Jumpers)

Team Standard - all heights run in order of reverse placement (1st place after Team Jumpers runs last in Team Standard)

Individual events:

Individual Jumpers
Large dogs (125 dogs total)
Denise and Zippity - 14th
Geri and Focus - 48
Channan and Icon - 52
Marcus and Juice - 78
(and deserving honorable mention are Silvina and Maja for Argentina running 90th)

Medium dogs (77 dogs total)
Karen and Sizzle - 13th
Paulette and Rush - 37
Ashely and Luka - 63

Small dogs (79 dogs total)
Dee Anna and Dara - 16th
Marcy and Wave - 51
Katie and Twix -68
Melanie and Kelsi- 73

Individual Standard - all heights run in order of reverse placement (1st place after Individual Jumpers runs last in Individual Standard)