Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday, Bloody Monday

Kirk had a very traumatic experience last night. There was lots of paw flailing and blood involved.

I did finally manage to save her by removing the tooth.  She recovered really quick.  Me... not so much.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What has Kirk been up to?

Oops, where does the time go?  It's been quite a while since my last blog post and... well whatever.

Kirk found a brand of beer that fits her.
 photo iphone003_zpsc1861c4b.jpg

(although she thinks it should be for Icon, who is admittedly one of the bitchiest males I know)
 photo iphone176_zpsbe24df86.jpg

We haven't hiked too much lately, but she did get to go on her first off-leash hike and was very good!

"I'm all growed up!"
 photo iphone008_zps269096d1.jpg

 photo iphone075_zps06c3b1bd.jpg

We had a very scary moment on the hike where Rampage came within inches of impaling himself on a branch.  He impaled his water container instead.  It was the left fork of the branch that got him.

 photo iphone091_zps95d09bb5.jpg

If you look closely you can see the huge, gaping hole that the branch left.  If that had been his chest....  Yikes.
 photo iphone088_zpsd9d69781.jpg

Kirk turned 4 months old!
 photo iphone135_zps338ea286.jpg

And Rampage tried to send her back where she came from.  It didn't work.
 photo iphone153_zps07a1504e.jpg

She got to do a hike with horses.  Horse butts = OK.  Horse faces = MUST KILL!
 photo iphone242_zpsd05e71d0.jpg

We made a fort for Rampage leading up to July 4th so he wouldn't be so worried about the fireworks.  Rammy loved his fort!
 photo iphone297_zpsb6f170dc.jpg

We spent July 4th at a trial where we didn't hear any fireworks at all!  It was very nice :)  There were more puppies than adult dogs at the trial.  It's definitely puppy season.
 photo iphone325_zps7a690b86.jpg

 photo iphone330_zps780d5bc4.jpg

And then after July 4th Kirk (and my other dogs) spent a lot of time being BORED because I had to work a LOT.
 photo iphone364_zpsf4fd51bb.jpg

She spent a lot of time in a crate in my car.  Too much time.  Now she balks going back to the car after I take her out :(.
 photo iphone372_zpse135bce7.jpg

I do always manage to get her out for walks and play, but it's not enough when you work 15-17 hours a day.
 photo iphone099_zps4f3ba4ff.jpg

Some of that is at home, of course.  But still BORING.
 photo iphone298_zps6f70fea7.jpg

She got to defend me against evil flowers.
 photo iphone476_zpse0de3eea.jpg

And watch airplanes fly over the wind harp (why flowers are evil and airplanes are fine, I have no clue).
 photo iphone505_zps18ed9184.jpg

She learned to pee laying down??  Uhm, whatever.
 photo iphone533_zps619dbfb3.jpg

And pose around an empty office building
 photo iphone536_zpse5fa8362.jpg

I even got to sneak her inside over the weekend.
 photo iphone607_zps3aca4965.jpg

But now, my project has rolled out and I'm just dealing with some minor issues and follow up items.  Still working more than I should but definitely less than the last few weeks!  And.... one more week of work before 6 weeks off!  I'm looking forward to visiting my family, backpacking in Oregon with Tammy, doing some agility trials during the week  (gasp!) and lots of other things!