Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boot Camp Status

Polly's boot camp is progressing, although tonight is the first night I've continued since the last post. I had great intentions to take the contact board to the trial last weekend and continue with our little sessions. I DID take the contact board to the trial, however while I took it out of the rv (again, with the good intentions) I never did end up using it. AND, to make matters worse, I forgot it there!!

Luckily our friendly neighborhood Terry LeClair picked it up for me and will bring it to the trial next weekend. Thanks Terry!

But that did present a snag. Forget that we're in the same Tuesday class and I could have requested that he bring it. And never mind that he stores his RV not 10 minutes away from me, so it probably isn't out the question that I could go get it. I had no contact board to continue my contact training for this week!

Well, I'm not an number 5 - with a strong 8 wing - for nothing (see - my VP is HUGE into enneagrams at work). Using my amazing powers of analytical thinking I was able to deduce that I can use my dogwalk DOWNRAMP as a contact trainer! (for the number 4's out there, I could have used the upramp as well)

So tonight we continued. And it went well. No video, sorry! The jouney of the contact trainer was more interesting than the destination.

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