Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flies, agility and more flies

Debbie and I arrived in Pahrump at about 5:30 on Thursday. We caravaned most of the way from the bay area. We got a nice spot for the RVs right by the ring. It wasn't hard though, there are hardly any people at this trial!

The ground here is really awful, especially in the JWW ring. Apollo dropped THREE bars in his JWW run on Friday. Now, I know he's a bar knocker, but THREE bars? Come on! Luckily Shadow and Icon both Q'd though. It was a really nice course. The Standard course was really nice too. Apollo Q'd in it (yay, no bars!), Shadow dropped one bar and Icon was NAUGHTY. We got about 6 obstacles in when he decided to ignore me and go to the weaves instead of doing a 180 and heading to the dogwalk. I just downed him and carried him off.

Luckily Icon redeemed himself on the FAST run, although we only got 77 points. 79 actual points and we lost 2 for being over time. He was a good boy on that run though.

The trial was over at about 1pm so Debbie and I took a walk to get some ice from a corner store so we could have margaritas. Our freezers were so packed that we couldn't bring any ice. So after that I don't remember much aside from some tasty margaritas and korean bbq and I got to play with Icon's 10 week old niece. She's really cute, her name is GiGi.

This morning my rv was totally filled with flies. I left the door to the rv open for a few minutes last night, no more than 20, and THOUSANDS had gotten in. It was so disgusting. Thankfully, during the course of the day I was able to herd them out of the RV, through the door and the sunroof. But the flies outside were awful too. I went to home depot (just across the street) with Diana to get some fly killer type things and there were a lot of people there for the same reason. Apparently 'fly season' is synonomous with 'fall' in pahrump. For some reason the flies seem the worst around our RVs though. I don't know what it is! But we are here for only one more day so it should be over soon. I hope I don't take any fly hitchikers with me on the next leg of the trip though.

As far as agility goes, today was a good day for everyone. Icon got a QQ and 80 points in FAST, Apollo got JWW, but dropped the panel in Std :(. And Shadow got a QQ!

We were going to go to the Pahrump winery with Moe and Diana, but Debbie was worried about Shadow because she looked like she might have been limping a bit and I was worried about Icon because he was acting 'weird' and when I laid down with him for a bit he was shivering a lot. So we decided to just hang out at the RVs and had steak for dinner. I let the dogs stay in the RV to rest. I think they all were just really really REALLY tired. They slept for 2 hours while we had dinner and then I fed them and took them out to potty after and Icon seemed much better. They're all sleeping now and I suspect they'll sleep through the night!

Tomorrow is our last day of the AKC trial and we'll see what it brings. Then we head to an RV park which is about half way to Scottsdale. We'll stay there for 2 nights and head to Scottsdale on Tuesday. I'm just hoping that there aren't any flies there!

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