Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ears, ears, ears

I wish Rampage's ears would just STAY STILL.

Once again they have been totally prick for a few weeks and then yesterday when we got home they were prick when we got out of the car, but as soon as we went in the house, the right one fell again. It was only down for a minute and I got it up again just by holding it for a second or two, but it was very distressing.

And then I woke up at around 4am this morning to get a drink and the ear was down again. And THEN I woke up for reals and both ears were so prick they looked like they wouldn't even DREAM of falling over.

So I'm definitely putting the moleskin back in, but just in the right ear because through it all the left hasn't budged. I want to have the moleskin in when I go to tryouts in case his ear falls when I'm away like it did when I was at nationals.

Why do ears have to be so important to me??

But on the bright side, in an effort to become "Bigger Than A Beauceron" Rampage has learned how to levitate! That should prove a useful trick, especially if he can learn how to levitate his ear.


  1. Your not alone...I am the same way about the ears too. :) It has become so important to me for some reason to make sure Etch's ears are always going the way they should be. I find myself stressing about her ears while I'm at work. :) My glue is almost dried up, so I'm hoping they stay put soon!

  2. Forgot to sign my name on the last response...Kristen wrote it. :)

  3. well, I am probably the ultimate in obsessing about ears:>))) Jan head Hob Nob'r ear setter extraordinaire!

  4. LOL! I'm glad I'm not alone in my madness. Merc's right ear seems to be staying prick (for the moment) but the left ear is still fighting it! Damn it! :-)

  5. So glad I'm not alone in my ear issues :)