Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome Febru-rainy

February is starting out with some wet stuff.  I hope this one day trend continues.

With Rampage on lock-down Icon and I had a 'mommy and me' day.  We headed out this morning to run in GP at a USDAA trial in Morgan Hill, get back my cold laser from a friend, and then go on a hike with one of my hiking buddies.

With first dog on the line at 8, Icon and I were done with our run and on the road to Mt Madonna by 8:30.  That's my kind of agility day!

Of course my hiking buddy (who shall remain nameless but her boxers are disappointed, I'm sure) BAILED on me.  But I had to go anyway since it was RAINING!!!

Neither Icon or I were prepared for the rain.  The forecast called for it, but I didn't BELIEVE it would actually rain.

"We hike in wet stuff?"

OMG, our first puddle of the year!  Splash away, Icon!  Splash!

It's sooooooo nice to hike without raising massive clouds of dust that get all over the dogs and people.

Lets compare some photos:
This is from July 2012.   Which, being July in California, is at a REALLY LOW LEVEL ALREADY.    9 border collies fit in this swimming hole.

And today.  Not even room for one little border collie named Icon :(.

It was still raining when we finished but the sun was starting to come out.   It started raining again on the  drive home though.

When I got home I was greeted at the door by not only Foster, but Rampage!  This morning we left him in the xpen with a juicy bone.  But he was still throwing a tantrum from being left at home.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to come home and find this.  But I was.  Bad Rammy.  Crate for you.

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