Sunday, March 2, 2014

Horsie Love

We found a wonderful walk at the trial this weekend.  It was a bit over a mile bordering on horse pastures.  I could do that walk a million times and not get bored of the scenery (I have to admit the dogs were a bit bored by the 7th time, though).

On Saturday the ground was a bit soggy from the Friday deluge but the sun was shining with some featherlight clouds.  It was beautiful.

We came upon a pasture with two young colts.  The horses were intrigued by Icon.  Icon was intrigued by the horses.  But no one was exactly sure what to make of the situation.  Skittish behavior was seen on both sides.

(Rampage wanted nothing to do with the evil beasts and stayed as far away as possible)

Figuring we wouldn't befriend any horses this day we headed back to the RV

By Sunday, the sky was cloudy and threatening rain but Icon insisted we continue our mission to befriend the colts.

Our first time around didn't go so well.  Horsies were still a bit skittish. 

 But Icon offered a few handfuls of grass (ok, I offered the grass) and then the next time the horsies thought that Icon was pretty damn cool.  He thought they were cool too and asked me to get him a horse for his birthday.  Don't get your hopes up, Icon...

I didn't catch it on camera, but there was even nose touching involved.  True love.

Our last time on the walk was bitter sweet.

"I love you, horsies," Icon said with a catch in his throat, "but we'll have to say goodbye until next time."

"Please, don't give me that look.  I just can't stay here with you."

And then Rampage tried to drink gross pasture water.  But in his defense, he had just finished running JWW so may have been parched.  

Yum.  Horse poop water.

(No horses were harmed - emotionally or physically- in the making of this blog.)

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