Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ho hum

Well I see why people spay their dogs.  Kirk is in season... I had to withdraw from 3 trials thanks to that.    Two were AKC trials and I had only entered Kirk and only 1 day and got most of my money back, for which I'm thankful.  The last one really hurt though, even though I got my money back for that entirely since I withdrew before close.  It is SMART USDAA, which is the trial before regionals.  This is Kirk's first trial where she's old enough for USDAA and I was counting on the GP/SC opportunities so we might be able to play at regionals.  Additionally, I was hoping it would allow her to become acclimated to jumping 22" (assuming she doesn't measure into 18", which I'm still hoping for but not expecting).    She MAY be out of season by SMART but I didn't feel right waiting until last minute to tell them.  Maybe if she's out I can rescind my withdrawl.  One can dream :) 

So anyway, I'm still looking forward to Bay Team Regionals.  Even if chances are unlikely Kirk will be able to play in the main events she does have a fun team!   And Rammy already has his Q for psj and  bye for pGP so he gets to play.  Icon hasn't been to any USDAA trials this season so we will try in the local's on Friday, but I'm not expecting much because in the limited training we do he tends to run around more jumps than he takes.  He sure seems happy doing it though!

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