Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The maiden voyage

We had our maiden voyage with Viewbert on the weekend, and it was everything I could have dreamed! *sigh*. Well, seriously, it was lots of fun. I left home at about 4:45 on Saturday morning and arrived at the trial site around 6. I thought I made good time even though I didn't go over 63 mph. I forgot to put my fasttrack in the rv and when I got the the Richmond bridge I realized that my wallet was at the back of the rv. So while sitting at the tollbooth I had to stick it in park and run back to get it.

The dogs were very good up until that point. Apollo laid by me (although he was more than a bit freaked out, panting and shaking) and Foster and Icon were in the back somewhere. But after the tollbooth, EVERYONE decided they wanted to be up front, and the gear shift got knocked into 3rd gear a few times before I relegated Foster and Icon back to the bowels of the RV.

When I arrived all of the spots along the main RV drag were taken. Ron suggested a spot for me, but it woudl be blocking in some other people and I didn't want to annoy people my first time out! So I ended up behind the vendor area, which ended up being a really good spot to display my new rig :). And Icon and Apollo got a good view of the rings from the bedroom window.

So I got to set up my yard (Apollo escaped 3x before I managed to make it Polly-Proof) and it ended up being pretty perfect. The bed was surprisingly comfortable and I slept for almost 12 hours saturday night! Woot!

The trial was a bit of a bust. 2 q's for Icon and 1 for Polly. Both of Icon's runs were totally my fault and Polly's was really just bad luck. He got called on his dogwalk up contact and I really think it was a bad call. Of course I misjudged where I was for a front cross and caused to miss a tunnel entrance for a refusal anyway, so it's not like it matters. But it's the principle!

Here is his run. I think it looks like he got it with his rear feet.
Man, I had some sucky handling last weekend! Hopefully that was just a temporary thing...

081008 AKC Polly Sat Std from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

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