Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weather for the upcoming regionals

Why do I keep hearing people complain about a heat wave for the SW regionals this weekend??? I've been checking accuweather on a daily basis for over a week now and the projected temperature for Salinas hasn't gone above 74 for the weekend! Indeed, it has been DECREASING the last few days! Maybe they think it's in celsius? I think 74 celsius would be considered a heat wave...Maybe Prunedale, a mere mile away from the Salinas weather station, will have 30 degree higher temperatures than Salinas iteself?


Alternately, the weather for the Texas regional the next week is...well actually... not bad! Especially considering it's in a climate controlled arena. This will be a first for me. I never even knew such places existed!

I could do without the rain. - Fort Worth, TX - 15 Day Weather Forecast - Local Weather Forecasts

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