Thursday, August 6, 2009

Field Trip (the graphic novel)

I thought I'd take some photos of Rampage after we practiced. I got a couple of him, but then things got a bit crazy.

Rampage was happy to look pretty for the camera. At first....

He even showed off his artfully tousled hair that male celebrities spend thousands of dollars on hair products to replicate. Rampage's is all natural though. He only adds the occasional cat puke and goose poop to enhance his shine and volume.

But then Apollo grabbed the toy and started teasing him. Rampage wasn't about to put up with that! Look at Apollo dangling the toy right in front of him, only to snatch it away before he could grab it! Poor puppy.

But Rampage is younger and faster than Apollo

And he got that toy back right quick.

However, he made a fatal mistake...

"I'm safe in the tunnel!" Rampage thinks to himself.

"Or AM I???"

"EEK!" Rampage screams. "I guess not!"

(Apollo laughs manically)


  1. The best graphic novel I've read in a long time.

  2. That was great! The boys look like they have a great time together. :-)

  3. What a cute graphic novel...I agree...I'm ready to see the sequel!