Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy birthday Foster!

Foster turns 8 years old today!

In actual fact, he probably turned 8 closer to the beginning of July. But for some reason his birthday got messed up on veterinary records so when I ILP'd him AKC added Aug 12th for his birthday. So I figured I might as well just make him a month younger and have his birthday August 12th :).

He was a pretty cute puppy

And did a wonderful job raising 3 other puppies

And he really is quite handsome

And he has one of the most beautiful trots I've ever seen (sorry, couldn't find a photo :( )

BUT, he's not the most graceful dog in the world...

But he's really fast when there are no agility obstacles in the way!

You're getting a steak for dinner tonight, Foster! And of course that means so am I :)


  1. Happy Birthday Foster! Thank you for raising Apollo to be such a good dog :)

  2. Habby birthday, beautiful Mr. Foster!

  3. Happy birthday, Foster. Your ears remind me of Cass's. Cutest in the world!

  4. He is the world's best puppy raiser! What a great dog.