Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pool Party! (the graphic novel)

Today I was invited to a Pool Party!

I think it was in my honor, but other doggies got presents while I didn't, so maybe there was some other reason for it (but I have no clue what is more important than ME).

I heard that my good friend Kist turned one year old recently! She's such a GIRL (But a cute one).

And Shadow win HIT at an obedience trial last weekend. From Novice A! Now that's something to party about.

There were lots of dogs there. So many that I can't even count that high. Everyone went swimming. At times you'd probably think there were only border collies there.

But my brothers were there too.

Apollo wouldn't even jump in the water. He did get in once, but he had help from Mom.

Foster had no problem jumping in.

Or standing in. He's tall that way. He's the only dog that could stand on the bottom of the pool and keep his head above.

Icon swam and swam and swam until he tore his pads. Than mom made him sit and watch :(

He watches good though.

But most importantly there's ME. I swam and swam and swam until my mom called me to come out of the pool.

Then I said "SCREW YOU" and swam some more.

My mom said something about not letting me do dock diving in Scottsdale (whatever that means) because she doesn't want me to embarrass her by not coming out of the pool. I mean, look at the size of my feet! I look like a Polar Bear! If your feet were this big you would swim as much as me too.

Anyway, I did manage to cause a few whirpools by swimming in circles. But I didn't manage to swallow any unsuspecting victims in my wake. So I decided to come out of the pool. My mom laughed at me because I look so different when I'm wet.

Then I wanted to go back into the pool! But my mom told me to Park It, which means NO.

Then everyone went to celebrate those OTHER things and I was left by the pool. On my OWN! I just don't understand why they left me!! So sad!

PS. My mom told me to say that the plumbers are totally done! Well, they're coming back tomorrow to take photos. Of the PLUMBING, people! Not of me (although that would be better).


  1. All I can say to Rampage is ROTFLMAO!!!!!

  2. I want that pool! Wow, looks like a fun time. Gotta love the water crazy dogs!

  3. That is hilarious! Love it!!


  4. great photos! and we love the graphic novel approach.
    PS. The pic of Rampage wet = Riff dry.

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