Saturday, October 3, 2009

Running some more

When I took the boys to practice this morning I remembered to take the MM (aka T&T) but forgot to take the remote for it... So Rammy had his first running dw session in a while using a toy instead of the t&t.

I liked his first rep, but 2 and 3 I rewarded and probably shouldn't have since they were more 'pounces' than running through. On our 2nd session (you can tell when the 2nd session starts based on the angle of the video) the first rep sucked and he wasn't rewarded, but the next few were ok.

I haven't uploaded Apollo yet. Mostly because he's a bit slower so I don't need to obsess over the videos myself to see what he's doing :). But he was pretty good. He was either doing it totally right or totally leaping off. For him I was good with rewarding good dw's and not rewarding misses.

100309 - Rammy Running DW from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

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