Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So long Scottsdale

So sad that we won't be back in Scottsdale next year, although I will be happy not to make the 12 hour drive. But it's like a tradition now and the weather was just fantabulous this year. I was surprised at the lack of spectators though!

I THINK I had fun at USDAA nationals but between being exhausted when I arrived, having my RV turn traitor and spring a leak on the first day (meaning no water), Rampage chewing up my sunglasses on the 2nd night (I HATE being without my sunglasses in sunny places), my RV misbehaving Saturday night and breaking the repair I spent $$$ to have a mobile RV guy come out to WW and fix (again no water), AND driving straight home after GP finals only to get up 3hrs later to work, I'm really not sure I did.

But overall, my dogs definitely did me proud! I never in my wildest dreams thought that Apollo would make pGP finals AGAIN (especially with our "running contacts"). The p22" class just gets tougher and tougher every year. I saw quite a few young border collies who could very easily be jumping 22" in championship competing in the p22" class for no apparent reason. And even in the tough field he finished 4th! This was his last USDAA championship since I won't fly him to the east coast next year, and I think he went out with a bang :).

I was proud of Icon for making both GP and SC finals. I went into USDAA nationals this year not expecting anything. Since Austria we have mostly been on a break from agility. We go to a class here and a trial there, but he's really just been a dog since returning (he doesn't seem to like that though). And with a 3rd place finish in SC and 4th in GP, I think this is our best showing at USDAA nationals yet!

I was a bit disappointed in the courses this year. After the fun courses we had a the SE regionals I was hoping nationals would have some challenges. But the only course that had a challenge was the Team Jumpers, and they took it out to make it a 270 instead! I have no clue how people complain about AKC courses being boring. To me USDAA courses are WAY more boring.

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  1. I noticed that the courses this year looked pretty simple. I was surprised by the lack of challenges.
    Hopefully AKC Nationals will have more exciting courses, and of course you have WT tryouts to be excited by;)