Monday, November 30, 2009

Counting points again

I thought that in 2010 AKC invitationals were in Florida instead of Long Beach so I didn't even think about trying to go for it with Apollo. Not to mention, I really didn't expect him to be doing agility at the end of this year let alone 2010. But he's running so great lately (inconsistent 'running dogwalk' aside) that it would be possible to get him in the top 5 and a shame not to go for it so long as he's up for it.

So when a couple people told me that invitationals are in Long Beach in 2010 I thought I'd take a look at where we stand. Well it wasn't pretty. Aside from last weekend, we've only been to two 2-day AKC trials since the qualification began in July so needless to say we're quite behind on points! Apollo is in 9th place at 92 points and the 5th place dog is 187 points. After last weekend we picked up another 52 points so we made up a bit of ground. Of course I don't know what kind of points the other boxers have been getting :).

So I think if we put my mind and his boxer skills to work we can still make the top 5. I sure hope so!

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