Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poor Icon


Oh, you think that just an unlucky shot for him, eh?  Well think again.  How does he manage to look EXACTLY the same???

Ok, so I did manage to get one of him looking pretty normal.

But I had to use the "kitty" word, which resulted in naughty dogs.  Hey!!  I said STAY!

At least TWO of my dogs were good!  Or, I guess only one of them was.

Good boy, Polly!  Sorry you're out of focus.


As always, Rammy takes good photos.

I shouldn't have told Rampage that I thought he was more photogenic than Icon, because then he decided that he should save the world from Icon photos by jumping in front of the camera.

But really, Icon CAN be photogenic, just not when he's around other dogs.


  1. Great photo story! Riff wants me to tell you he loves Foster's ears. I love Polly's ears. :-) My favorite pic is of the beautiful Rampage, though. Oh, and the one of Polly running at you. Oh, and the one of....

  2. Very funny! Slider is the photo dweeb in our family. :-)