Friday, December 4, 2009


  • Apollo nearly crushed my windpipe this morning with his head.  It now hurts.  A lot.
  • Then he stepped in a huge pile of some strange dog's poo right before jumping in my car.   I was not happy.
  • Foster is the boss of Rampage.  If Foster was training him, Rampage would have his Ph.D. by now.  I think he'd be a Botanist. 
  • Rampage went to a Silvia Trkman running contacts seminar this week.  I was a bit disappointed.  Not necessarily in her, but just in how the seminar went overall.  I don't think it was conducive since the working spots were filled with dogs at different stages of training and it was essentially 8 semi-privates.  I'm sure her handling/tricks seminars would have been much better.  I also found there were (way, way, way) too many auditors.  Our feedback that was Rampage needs to extend more/go faster over the dogwalk and I should throw the toy when he's on the up ramp.  That was the feedback for most dogs.  We'll work on it.
  • Rammy is going to a foundation seminar with Marco Mouwen next week.  Hope it's fun!
  • When I take the dogs to the park in the morning they all run with the same intensity (maybe Icon runs with a touch more) but when I get home Foster, Icon and Rampage drink, lay down and pant for about 20 minutes but Apollo drinks and then sits and stares at me WITHOUT panting while I'm on the computer doing work.  What does this say about Apollo???  I guess he's just in great shape :)
  • I found a little bump on Apollo's leg :(.  It feels like fat, not attached to anything.  I'll have it looked at.
  • Apollo and I are going to AKC invitationals in 1 week (along with the other 3 boys as his supporters).  I also have to work that weekend, gotta love technology!  I may also have to run Wave at invitationals, but I really really really hope Marcy's calf holds up and she can run Wave herself.  Either way it should be an exciting weekend!
  • I had better get a bonus for my project rolling out according to the original schedule I put together 8 or 9 months ago because I'm the only person I know at my company that actually has projects roll out on time.
  • I ran Wave in class last night. We had fun!  She's so tiny!
  • I don't feel like getting up at 5am to go to the trial tomorrow.  I hope I remember to set my alarm.


  1. Would Apollo stepping in a known dog's poo been better than a strange dog's poo?

  2. best of luck to you and Polly. :-)

  3. PS. Genentech: C. Fosty deserves a RAISE! and/or A DAY OFF! and/or KUDOS! because she got her project in ON TIME! I mean come on, how rare is that????

  4. Wendy: Oddly, yes! I would be better if it had been a known dog's poo.

    Celeste: Thanks! I'll take the money. I don't need a day off or kudos ;)!