Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I can't believe...

I can't believe that AKC nationals is only a month and a half away.  I'm starting to panic a bit about not being prepared!  Aside from the occasional class that doesn't get rained out all we've done agility-wise are SS jump grids, practicing the teeter, and playing on the travel board in my living room.  I wish my yard would dry out so I could at least do some short sequences at home and practice some weave entries.  And I need to give him a refresher about taking the broad jump from weird angles, too.  Where does the time go??

I can't believe that Rampage is 15 months old already.  He has the maturity of a 15 WEEK old sometimes!  He's such a goof, but a cute one.  When I was sick a couple weeks ago and didn't take the dogs out to excercise he happily amused himself with his toys like a little puppy would.  As I lay on the couch dying he pounced and stalked his toy, tossed it up into the air and caught it again, growled and barked at it menacingly.  It was way more fun to watch him than judge judy and soap operas!  Lately friends have been debuting their young dogs in agility and it's really starting to get me excited about competing with Rampage.  I was ALMOST talked into entering him in FAST, but came to my senses.  He's just not ready yet.  I did register him with USDAA though!

I can't believe that Apollo has made it into the boxer top 5 for 2010 invitationals!  The qualifying period is through the end of June so we still have some work to do to stay there, but it looks promising.  Especially after last weekend when he actually won Standard on Sunday and got double points.  We don't win in AKC very often anymore so that was pretty exciting!

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