Monday, May 24, 2010

"An unfortunate elimination"

Over the weekend I spent some time watching the VOD coverage of the IFCS World Championships.  The commentator was funny in that every time someone went off-course he said, "An unfortunate elimination."  Like there are ever fortunate ones!

I was disappointed in the coverage of the event and rather surprised at the small size of it.  There didn't seem to be any spectator seating at all!  I'm sure when it's in the USA in 2012 the coverage will be better.  I thought both American and Canadian teams did a great job on some tough courses though!


On Friday night Icon and Foster smashed faces and Foster's face won.  Icon's upper canine was fractured.  :(  In a panic I called Lena  to figure out what to do.  Left to my own devices I would have rushed him to the emergency vet.  But thankfully Lena talked me down and told me that while it's important that he gets looked at as soon as possible, it's not an emergency vet type situation. 

Incidentally, I already had a general checkup appointment for Apollo at my vet the next morning.  Apollo has been acting "subdued" lately.  I thought it was just an age thing, but when Kay was watching my boys she mentioned that Apollo was quieter than normal so I figured it wouldn't hurt to get him checked out. 

At the appointment Dr Rosato confirmed most of what Lena had told me the night before about Icon's tooth.  Then he had blood taken for pre-surgical purposes.  And Apollo had... Well I don't want to embarrass him but I mentioned to Dr. Rosato that other dogs seemed obsessed with smelling and licking Apollo's private parts so after a rather gross check she decided to flush a certain area.  Sorry Polly.  And I'm sorry I know what the word smegma means now.  Gross.

Monday morning I called the dental vet recommended by Lena and Dr Rosato.  I could get an appointment with the dental resident on Tuesday or with Dr Holmstrom on Friday.  I told the receptionist that Icon had a fractured canine and the pulp was showing but she said that it's only an 'emergency' if they are under a year and a half because then they can save the pulp.   So I chose Friday but wasn't sure about my decision...   Dr Rosato called a bit later to say that Icon's blood work was fine (but Apollo's urinalysis showed some blood and protein in his urine... that's another story) and asked if I had made an appointment with Dr Holstrom.  I told her about my conversation with the receptionist and she said she'd give them a call just to make sure. 

Dr Rosato confirmed that waiting until Friday is not going to cause any problems and that they had June 1st reserved for us for a root canal.  So it looks like unless Dr Holstrom magically decides that he can reconnect the little tooth piece I saved from Icon's accident (I can dream, can't I???) he'll be having his root canal on June 1st. 


And I have so much more to say!  I guess I need to blog a bit more frequently so my posts aren't quite so long!


  1. Glad I could help. Hope Icon is ok and, what is going on with poor Polly?? Smegma huh? that is pretty nasty. Hopefully he is on the mend :)

  2. Yes, blog more, please. :-)
    Slider and Steam had a similar collision a year or so ago, Slider lost, broken tooth had to be pulled.
    I hope Apollo is OK...