Monday, February 6, 2012

Apollo rocks!

We went to a 2 day AKC trial last weekend and Apollo went 4/4.  He was 4/4 at the trial previous and 2/2 before that.  I don't remember what our trial before that was but I can pretty much guarantee he went 4/4. Like fine wine, Polly just gets better with age.

Other than Perfect Polly, my weekend was split by an OK Saturday (not many Q's but lots of good stuff) and a perfect Sunday.  I ran 4 dogs at this trial and on Sunday we got four QQ's!

I only got Cassidy's runs on video because I know her mom would really like to see them, but I did buy a couple from  I just haven't gotten them yet because I ordered late.  You will have to picture the other dog's runs in your mind.  I have added comments with each video to help with your imagination.

Cassidy Saturday Standard.  A nice run but a bar when I tried to collect her too much on the 180.  Imagine Icon and Apollo having perfect runs and Rampage being carried off after not stopping on the dogwalk ;)

Cassidy Saturday JWW.  A nice run but at one point I thought I had her head and apparently I didn't, so she took the triple instead (like many, many, many other dogs so I should have known...).  Imagine perfect run for Apollo, a refusal before the jump before the weaves for Rampage and Tammy would probably want us to forget what happened on Icon's run (but she would probably also point out that we had NQ'd before the tossed leash incident anyway :)

Cassidy Sunday Standard.  Imagine a perfect run by all!  (Rampage decided to target a piece of rolling dirt on the teeter though, it was kind of funny)

Cassidy Sunday JWW.  Imagine perfect runs by all!