Friday, February 3, 2012

More hiking with crappy photos

Oops, just realized that I wrote this blog earlier in the week but never posted it.  It's not all that exciting, but I may as well post it.

Tammy and I went hiking again on Sunday morning at Mt Madonna, we did around 8 miles.  The weather is too beautiful not to take advantage of it while we can (but we need rain!)  I took my 'real' camera so I could get some good photos, but they all turned out crappy.  Really, really crappy.  Mt Madonna on a sunny day is not an easy place to photograph 8 moving dogs!

Happy Quirk!
Group shot!
Photobucket Icon and Coty practiced their time travel. Photobucket
 Coty tried to convince Icon and Cassidy to dive in, but they aren't crazy! Photobucket Yeah, a photo where you can actually see dogs and stuff! Photobucket


  1. We enjoy your hiking posts!
    Hey, do you wear a waist-leash-thingy like Tammy has on? If so, is it helpful? and comfy? even going downhill? I'm guessing all these good dogs don't go after squirrels. Or...more likely?...squirrels are nowhere near this bunch.

  2. I ONLY wear a hands-free leash now, even when I walk the dogs through the neighborhood. I can't imagine controlling them all without it (when Kathy and I hiked on Saturday I didn't have my hiking gear and I found it very annoying to have to hold leashes). I use this one But Tammy just uses a tool belt that she got from Home Depot. They both work fine.

    Going uphill is good, especially if your dogs pull (mine don't). Going downhill it's not so good if your dogs pull (mine do a bit). If your dogs chase deer or other critters I guess it is possible that you may find yourself face down being dragged through the forest. Mine are good that way though. The cardio canine has a quick release for the leashes, which is probably for that reason ;).