Monday, April 21, 2014

I had so many plans...

I had so many plans to introduce my new puppy.  He had a special name that was going to be revealed in a spectacular fashion (ok, maybe not spectacular but interesting.)  There was going to be a video using special effects and a contest to see who could guess his name.   I had his whole agility career planned out for him from puppy to world champion.  But it wasn't to be...

Because it's a girl!  And my boy name was macho and egotistic and just wouldn't fit her very well (although it wouldn't NOT fit her).  She doesn't have a name yet, but I'm currently leaning towards Newt.

She wasn't so sure about the big dogs yesterday, but is quite comfortable with them today.  They all ignore her at this point, aside from Icon who wants to herd her. 

Having issues with loading photos, so will do more later.


  1. She is adorable! So what led you to the girl instead of the boys?

    1. She was just extra special. Really brave, outgoing and interactive. They were all nice puppies but she had that little bit 'extra'

  2. She sounds perfect. :-) She'll have all your boys wrapped around her little paw in no time!