Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Her name is Kirk!

I decided to just stick with my boy name, Kirk!  It's fun to say and she likes it (and so do my other dogs). 

Foster continues to be so good with her, but he doesn't like his new nickname, "Momma Foster"

 photo IMG_2121b_zps4489df5c.jpg

Kirk's whole head fits in Foster's mouth!  photo IMG_2160b_zpsfd5485dc.jpg

Dasher has no clue what's in store for her.  photo IMG_2234b_zps637ac791.jpg

 photo IMG_2220b_zps7054ca3c.jpg

Hopefully Kirk will grow into this Frisbee  photo IMG_2187b_zpsf47b1e7b.jpg


  1. I was wondering what Star Trek name it would be. Other than Troi, I couldn't think of any girl Trekkie names, other Janeway, and that's not a good puppy name. I like Kirk! It will certainly keep people guessing. ;-)

    1. I guess I could have called her "3 of 5" for a Star Trek theme. I'm having lots of fun with her name. When I say it all the dogs come running. It has a nice sound for them all!