Friday, July 31, 2015

Trinity Alps Part 1

I recently went on a backpacking trip with a friend to the Trinity Alps Wilderness.  I only brought Rampage and Kirk because backpacking with 3 dogs is... challenging.  We were supposed to be gone 3 days/2 nights but ended up being only 1 night because Kirk cut her pad the first day :(.  Many creek crossings meant it was beautiful there, but there was a lot of running through hard rocks after the creeks and it must have really softened her pads.

But Kirk was excited and raring to go at the start!
 photo GOPR1396_zpsarsnkfqz.jpg

Entering the Trinities
 photo GOPR1401_zpsj14bxjpq.jpg

Taking a break at one of the many creeks.  We really didn't need to carry much water at all, which is a nice change from the Sierra's.

 photo GOPR1407_zpsi6j3fnvq.jpg

There also wasn't as much climbing as I'm used to in the Sierra's, which was really nice!  Although if we had continued our route on the 2nd day, I probably would have changed my mind :)

 photo GOPR1412_zps8okzc6qc.jpg

 photo GOPR1428_zpskw30ylvj.jpg

 photo GOPR1437_zpsbbwojy6e.jpg

 photo GOPR1443_zpszhh3jxn7.jpg

 photo GOPR1456_zps7tlf97mw.jpg

There used to be a bridge over this creek, but was washed out a long time ago.  It was easy for us to cross, but probably a bit more difficult in late spring/early summer.
 photo GOPR1485_zpsyesamhxj.jpg

Heading to Bear Basin, but Kirk wanted to check out the skull.
 photo GOPR1495_zpsbnpjciub.jpg

A row of dogs
 photo GOPR1507_zpslvr4vheu.jpg

 I'm very bad at stopping to take breaks, I tend to just put my head down and keep walking.  That's why it's good to have friends that make you stop :)
 photo GOPR1510_zpskltn6g11.jpg

 photo GOPR1569_zpsrxkra7nz.jpg

 photo GOPR1588_zpsoorvbi5e.jpg

Group photo!
 photo GOPR1597_zpsmzqkuuse.jpg

This place didn't have a name on the map, so we dubbed it "Kirk Meadow".  It was quite lovely but, errrr, moist.  Earlier in the season I think you'd be slogging through marsh.
 photo GOPR1527_zpsdsytmods.jpg

 photo GOPR1540_zps8yhvb8im.jpg

 photo GOPR1558_zpspr1tqqlq.jpg

So many beautiful wildflowers
 photo GOPR1637_zpsv9v9oxls.jpg

 photo GOPR1638_zpsyl10h8w2.jpg

 photo GOPR1656_zpsjeyytc9f.jpg

To be continued...

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