Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TRACS aftermath

I had fun at the TRACS 4 day trial. More fun than last year for sure!

I arrived on Friday morning early enough to get my tent all set up and ready for occupancy. I took 2 24" x-pens to have a little 'yard'. Kay helped me with the tent and I was very glad for it because it was really windy and I think the tent probably would have blown away before I set it up if I had to do it alone! It looked pretty comfy, but let me tell you, by 9:30pm that night I was sure that there was absolutely no way I would sleep well in that tent. Apollo and Icon were also very restless. The only dog that didn't mind was Foster. So off we went to Super 8 for a nice comfy sleep! We stayed there 2 nights and then at the Best Western one night since Katie had a reservation she couldn't cancel.

We had a fairly good day Friday. Icon got qq #18 on a nice JWW course and a rather forgettable Std course. Apollo Q'd in Std but dropped a bar in JWW. All of my videos can be seen here:
Icon and Apollo 

I don't have them all uploaded because there is a 500mb upload limit per week and I almost reached that getting Cammi's videos up. Ironically, Kay isn't even able to watch them so I wish I had just uploaded mine instead. It pays to be selfish sometimes!

On Saturday Icon dropped a bar in Std and Apollo dropped a bar in JWW. Are you noticing a theme with Apollo's runs here? The ISC Standard was a fun course. There was a chute under the dogwalk, which I had never seen before. Icon and I ran clean and won, but a hair over Maja. The ISC JWW was Sunday and Icon had the fastest time, but dropped a bar *sob*.

Sunday Icon got another QQ for #19! Apollo Q'd in Std but dropped a bar in Std (hmmmmmm). I was actually determined to pull Apollo if he dropped a bar on this run, but he dropped the 2nd last bar! So it wasn't really worth it.

Going for his 20th QQ on Monday Icon Q'd in standard, but in JWW we got passed the hard part and I stopped handling so he missed the weave entry. Doh! No MACH for us! Apollo Q'd in Standard but in JWW... not a bar! Bad handling my me. It was almost a relief to NQ for a reason other than a dropped bar. Well, not really a RELIEF, but still....

One bright spot on my weekend was that I won a set of channel weave poles in a raffle. Yay!

Our next trial is next weekend so I'm hoping for at least one QQ and I hope its for Icon! Woot! The Judge is Tammy Domico, so I have my reservations but last year her courses were ok.

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