Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TRACS memorial day trial

There's a big 4 day agility trial coming up in Dixon. I'm only kind of looking forward to it. Last year we didn't have a very good trial because Apollo got hurt on the first day only I had to scratch him from 3 days.

I've decided to try tent camping at this trial and to be honest, I'm a bit worried that I might be miserable. Super 8 is just down the street and I might just end up there. Also, I don't think that the trial will be done too late so maybe I will head home and sleep in my warm, comfy bed.

The judges are Pam Richcreek, Debby Carloni and Randy Reed.

Pam Richcreek can have some wonky courses. The last trial she was at there were two c-shaped tunnels side by side and getting through that labrynth of a course was not easy (and Icon and I sure didn't make it - but we had screwed up before then anyway.) I don't seem to have that video online, probably because it was such a disaster of a run ;)

I really enjoyed her Std course on Sunday though. Both dogs got it (which is probably why I liked it). She only used 9 weaves, which freaked me out, but the boys handled it fine.

Debby Carloni's courses were pretty nice, but she called my teeter in Std on Saturday! I didn't think it was a fly-off! But I guess we wouldn't have gotten a qq anyway since we messed up the JWW course.

I have no clue what Randy Reed courses are like. For some reason I'm thinking that this "randy" person might be a girl. I guess I'll find out this weekend!

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