Monday, November 10, 2008

Polly's Private

Today we went to Sandy's Brisbane facility to share a private with Terry and Heath to prepare for invitationals. The surface there is very close to the surface in long beach. It's been a while since I actually did lessons with Apollo. I pulled him from class a while ago because we really weren't 'getting' anything from them. But I sure had fun with Polly today! Sandy set up some hard sequences for us and Polly ran them very well, he's such an honest dog. He did drop one bar, but Sandy said I didn't support him on it. There was a general theme that Apollo wants me to wait for him, so no lateral motion or I'll pull him off a jump. If I call him too soon or do an early shoulder pull, he'll come with me instead of taking the jump. His point of commitment is so much later than Icon's! It's funny how I have forgotten the fine points of running the most awesome boxer in the world so quickly.

So my goal at invitationals will be to stay right with Apollo and support every obstacle, ESPECIALLY if it's an obstacle where I would take off and leave Icon :)

Terry and I are going to try to share one more private with Sandy the week before invitationals. I'm getting pretty excited :) I think Polly will love not having to share me with that silly black and white dog (he might miss Foster though, but Cammi will keep him company :).

Polly was so tired by the end of the hour that he just laid down with his head on the ground while we chatted a bit. That was a lot of work for an old man boxer!

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