Saturday, November 1, 2008

Resting up and the secret to Polly's success

I'm sitting in my rv resting up for the steeplechase finals tonight. A lot of people are confused as to when everything is starting, although I know shirts will be available at 5pm and I need to get there pretty much on time in order to get the size I want. Aside from that I guess I'll just wait for PA announcments. I'm also having dinner because I think it will be pretty late before I have a chance to eat. The event is supposed to begin at 6:30 pm, but it often runs late and 26" dogs are last and Icon the 2nd to last of those. So it'll probably be after 9.

I'm sure all of america was sitting at home pondering, as I was, how a boxer could finish in 3rd place in the PNS finals. Well I remembered just as I was falling asleep that Apollo had eaten half a loaf of bread while I was walking the PNS finals course. Normally this is something that I would remember and blog about immediately. After all, the blog is called Feed Polly for a reason. It was originally created to follow the exploits of how Apollo managed to get into food (usually because I forget I have a bottomless stomach for a dog and leave it within reach).

The SC finals course is online and all I'll say about it right now is ICK.

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