Monday, May 18, 2009

Swimmy swim swim swim-swim-swimming?

I put up my old portable pool this weekend for the doggies to play in!

It's definitely a toss-up between Icon and Foster on who likes to swim more. I think Icon wins by a hair.

I tormented the dogs as I filled the pool. They get all excited when I say the word SWIM. "Foster, swimmy swim swim swim-swim-swimming?" (note Rampage has no clue what the word SWIM means... Yet...

I think Icon watched every single drop get added to the pool.

"Icon, swimmy swim swim swim-swim-swimming?"

At last!

Apollo, who is not a big fan of swimming, felt a bit left out...

No photos of Rampage or Apollo swimming since they are very high-maintenance in the water. Rampage did not take well to it at first, but I went in with him on Sunday and he stopped flailing and started swimming (but still only to the side of the pool where he would cling for dear life). This morning he actually swam after the ball a few times, although he wasn't able to grab it in his mouth. For him it's only a matter of time (Apollo is a lost cause).


  1. I am with Polly, You never know what is in the water..... no matter how safe it looks. Just shows you that once again the Boxer IS smarter!! ;) Go Polly!

  2. About how big is your pool? Does it stand up to the wear and tear of dogs pretty well? It looks like a great way to exercise the dogs during the long, hot, humid NC summers.