Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Some people have a connection with their dog that not only they feel, but everyone around them feels. This is how it was with Geri and Focus.

They had a connection that can't be denied. On the agility course and off. It was obvious that Focus' world revolved around Geri and Geri adored her Focus.

I know a part of Geri died today and part of me, albeit smaller, died with the loss of Focus too.

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  1. We cry and hug our dogs - even those of us who never met Focus. We watched many videos of him. We greatly admired him. We recognized the special bond between Focus and Geri. It hurts to lose him.
    I feel privileged to have known Focus, even if only through videos. I'm glad he was able to be here on earth, to spend a few years with Geri, and to show so many of us something about the joy of life.
    He will be loved and remembered always.