Friday, September 11, 2009

Video coverage of World Championships

Clean Run and Agility Vision have received exclusive rights to provide
streaming video of this event, which will be held in Austria from
September 18-20. Sorry for the short notice... we've been trying to get
permission for almost a year and it just happened this week!

You can purchase two types of video passes --

1. Gives you access to live streaming of the event, plus access to Video
on Demand streaming until September 30th, 2009. This pass costs $19,
which is 12 Pounds or 13 Euros.

2. You can add an additional 1 year of Video on Demand streaming access
(expires September 30th, 2010) for an extra $10, which is 6.85 Euros or
6 Pounds.

To purchase your pass right now, please go to

Note: If for some reason the internet connection that the organizers
provide us is not fast enough or stable enough to support a live stream,
then there will only be Video on Demand streaming. Agility Vision is
very confident that there will be no issues, and will know for sure on
Team Practice day on Thursday. There hasn't been a problem in the past,
but we want people to know that it is a possibility.

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