Wednesday, November 18, 2009

biting and weaving

I don't know who Rampage was talking to in Scottsdale, but when I find out they are going to be in lots of trouble for teaching him bad habits. Ever since we got back, when Rampage gets frustrated, he bites me. HARD. It's pretty easy to get him to stop, I just have to say "NO" or "HEY" and he won't do it again in that training session. But he doesn't have the best memory and will try again the next time we do something together. Naughty boy.

Yesterday Rammy started learning how to weave. I was pretty skeptical about the 2x2 weave method until I watched the entire video and then I was curious. But now that I've started it, it's just plain fun!

Things I've learned while doing 2x2 with Rampage.
1. I throw like a girl.
2. I have no concept of what a 'short training session' is.
3. I really need to start adding audio to my videos so I can't hear my voice.
4. I like video taping training sessions where I don't have to spend 20 minutes editing the video to see just the contacts (but conversely, I don't like watching the whole boring thing either)

111809 - Rammy 2x2 weaves session 4 from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.


  1. Riff and I are working 2x2 too! We like it!

  2. I loved teaching Fusion, Prada, Posh and Trestle the 2x2 method! It will be cool to see Rampage and Riff learning this method. Celeste, I hope you do a video progression like Channan hopefully will!

  3. Hi Channan,

    As always, I love your blog. Unfortunately I can't get Vimeo to play on my puter, but I am sure that I would love the video as much as I love the blog. Keep blogging, congrats on Nationals, give Rammy a kiss for me and hope to see you in Tulsa.

    Donna and brother Roller

  4. LOL! Well we weren't at Nationals so it can't be Merc's fault but Merc's a biter too so I feel your pain. :-) Oh goodness, you're ahead of me as usual, I need to start weaves with Merc but will probably wait another month. The 2x2s are fun! It was so nice seeing the sun on your video, I've forgotten what it looked like...

  5. Spirit says she's sorry for sharing with Rampage that if you "bite the momma" the momma gets it right the next training session... I asked her not to sneak over to your RV - but you know Goldens always the social butterflies! Picked up my puppy - Im in LOVE! (But Spirit and Favor aren't!)

    Lynda (see the puppy at )

  6. Secret for "short training session" = egg timer. I started using one when Ten was a puppy with shaping stuff and I was amazed how much FASTER everything went once I limited myself to 2 minute training sessions.

  7. You will LOVE the 2x2 method. I truly had my 18 month old lab weaving 12 poles in 2 weeks. Very enthusiastically. I agree, short sessions are hard. I agree w/the timer! Casey

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