Thursday, July 29, 2010

All roads lead to Wenceslas Square

Since the dogs were so tired on Tuesday Marcy and I decided to leave the dogs at home while we went sightseeing on Wednesday. But of course we had to take them out for a walk first. Well the "walk" ended up being over 3 hours long. Good thing the dogs were both recovered!

We started out at a park around the corner from our hotel.

And soon found another park.

We saw a guy rolling a keg down the street. No one but Marcy and I thought this was odd.

Dogs are welcome in most places. But it's quite obvious when they aren't.

When we were at park was saw a lady with a huge un-neutered Rhodesian Ridgeback on a flexi leash. She was about 30 feet away on the grass and as we passed her I was disgusted to see her tell her dog to sit (which he did) and then start hitting him in the face with the flexi handle. The poor dog just sat there and cowered. What a bitch.

We ended up at Wenceslas Square, which is basically a long and wide street with lots of stores. I was happy to find a Starbucks. They have really crappy coffee in Prague. We seemed to end up at Wenceslas Square whenever we went out for a walk. It was a bit freaky.

Standing on the museum steps and looking out to the square.

Icon wanted to go swimming in the fountain. At the fountain I was asked by a family if they could get their photo taken with him. It was a bit odd but I said yes. The lady said he was beautiful and looked just like her dog, who is a COCKER SPANIEL! How on earth does Icon look like a Cocker Spaniel???

View of the museum from the other end of the Square (which was really more of a rectangle).

What a job to have! We passed guys installing cobble stones near our hotel. They look like prison workers in their clothes. They weren't though.


  1. Enjoying the travel blog/photos, keep it coming! :-)


  2. Goodgod now I have that Christmas tune in my head: "Good King Wenceslas looked out...."


  3. 1. AHH that poor dog! Why would anyone ever smack their dog with a flexi handle?! Or with anything?! =(

    2. Er... Icon looks NOTHING like a Cocker Spaniel... um... moving on...

    3. That keg pic was funny!

    4. BEAUTIFUL parks & street! WOW!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Tara, Hermes N Leda