Sunday, July 4, 2010

A hair, a hair! I swear a hair!

I was really happy with how Rampage did this weekend.  It was a huge weekend for him with 6 runs Saturday and 7 today since he made it to SC finals!  He got all of his a-frames this weekend and I was happy with all of them aside from a one-hit yellow wonder in snooker.  The one-hit yellow wonders are scary enough on an AKC a-frame but on the USDAA a-frame they are downright heart stopping (one hit yellow wonders is when the ONLY hit the yellow on the way down).  He had nice a-frames after that one though so I think he might have learned something...  His dogwalks were all good aside from his two stupid standard runs.  For both runs we missed qualifying by just the dogwalk (although we did have other acceptable bobbles.)  We even had 4 good dogwalks in our gamblers run today but the judge got mad and said to me, "That's called loitering!"  Well it was a stupid gamble that I didn't even want to attempt and anyway it wasn't loitering, it was training in the ring!  So there.

He was starting to show some weird bc behavior today by getting freaked out around the ring at the ring crew, but he redirected back to his leash pretty well.  He definitely gets distracted when Icon screams as I run him.  He'll have to get used to that though because I don't see that changing anytime soon...

So Rampage ended up with his Starters Pairs title (thanks Tricki Woo!) and Starters Jumpers title and a SC Q!  We had a bar (he actually hit the stanchion) in the finals so we weren't in the money but that's OK, Icon brought home $51 :)  In Snooker and Gamblers we just need one more Q.  Still need 3 in Standard though :(.

But still, I swear he had a hair in the dw contact on Saturday's Std run.  He has really long toe hair!  Really!


  1. what, no video??? :>)

  2. I have a few runs on my camera that I just haven't processed yet. But I did buy the rest of them from the professional videographers. I won't get them until the end of the week though.

  3. Good weekend! We love Rampage.

  4. A week, we have to wait a week for video????