Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Dear Channan, why don't you ever have photos of your dogs anymore?"

I had an email from a friend asking me why I don't take photos of my dogs so much anymore. I guess I used to be more prolific when it came to photos of my boys.

There is a valid reason for my laziness, er, I mean lack of photos. In a nutshell the reason is simple. It's for the safety of my dogs.

Lets take tonight for example. Icon and Rampage were laying just outside in an very cute way. So of course I grab my camera to take a photo.

As soon as I touch the camera the dogs move from their very cute positions to look at me. It's was sad they lost the real cuteness, but I told them to stay and was hoping I could still get a kind of cute photo. However, even from the first photo I took you can see that trouble is brewing.

Both of the boys know I have the camera. Icon is already whining in the photo but is too well behaved to move and Rampage knows that Icon's about to go nuts with the camera there.

And then chaos ensues.

Icon runs towards the camera and smashes his head against the lens. Poor guy, he thinks the camera attacked him (maybe taking photos will be easier now!) Then Rampage does his little "*Woof-woof* I'm running around with a toy *woof-woof* in my mouth not looking *woof-woof* where I'm going *woof-woof*" routine and takes out a jump with his shoulder, yelps and comes up limping. He seems fine now, but it was scary!

And of course after that I can't get a photo to save my life.

So there you go. That is why I don't have many photos of my dogs anymore.


  1. God, you crack me up Channan! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Sadly, this seems all too familiar... life with border collies. :-)

  3. that 3rd photo looks just like one I took last week of Riff and Keeper!

  4. yeah, more pictures of the boys! Oh wait, you call that mess up above pictures...phtttt:>)

  5. I love their green feet. They are a Kodak moment.