Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rammy does AKC

We went to one day of an AKC trial on Saturday. We didn't have many Q's and I even ran Shadow, so I had lots of chances! But Apollo won 24" standard, which made my day. I know how awesome Apollo is of course, but I love it when he shows the world :)

My camera battery died so I didn't get any runs on tape but thankfully Greg and Tammy got Rammy's runs. No Q's, a bar and a refusal in Exc A JWW and 2 refusals in Open Std. That's ok though, our goal is just to make trialing fun right now and I think Rammy would say, "Mission Accomplished". It sure would be nice to get that last Open Std leg though...

Rammy Std

Rammy JWW


  1. Glad you got video! Rammy looks good. Nice DW and Aframe, too. Beautiful dog.
    PS. I wonder why all the littermates except Riff have nice full coats (and tails)? It seems like Riff is missing an undercoat, or something. He's silky, and doesn't shed (compared to my older dog). He's pretty, though, in his own way. :-)

  2. Oh, he looks wonderful! I feel such pride watching Rammy and knowing he's Leda's big brother. (Hmm, I should start letting her watch his runs, maybe she can take some notes??)

    AWESOME Contacts, wow! & He has such TIGHT turns! What a boy! He's not just a "pretty boy" he's a "pretty AGILITY boy"!!