Sunday, September 12, 2010

A day in the life of Pook

Pook is undeniably the most aggressive and effective beggar in my house.

Pook: Hey there, MeatLady! Why are you working on a Saturday night?

MeatLady: Hi Pook! Well I'm working because we have a production roll-out this weekend. It's just a small roll-out, but it will provide us some important timing information for a very large roll-out at the end of October.  So I need to collect metrics and ensure everything goes according to plan.

Pook: Uhm... (awkward silence)

Pook: So... Anyway... Something smells good. Did you put something on the BBQ?

MeatLady: Why yes, I'm grilling a steak!

Pook: Ooooh, a steak? YUM!

Pook: Can I have some?

MeatLady: Well Pook, I don't know... I need to keep my strength up so I can work and make enough money to buy you your cat food.

Pook: PLEEZE? I'm so old and cute!

MeatLady: Well OK, maybe just a piece


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