Thursday, September 9, 2010

To go or not to go...

My decision on whether or not to go to USDAA nationals this year has always been hinged on if we got our bye for SC and GP semi-finals. After our SC Finals run at regionals last weekend I thought my 'big decision' of whether to go was made. We missed the first weave entry and had to reload so I figured bye-bye bye. But it turns out the top 2 placement times were pretty slow so the SF bye qualifying time was quite generous. EVERY 26" dog in the SC finals who didn't E got a semi-finals bye!

So now that I have both bye's I need to make a decision. I have sent my entry in (only GP/SC, I don't have the vacation time or energy for DAM team) but I'm not fully committed until I purchase my flights. It would be fun to go but we'll have just arrived back from Germany 9 days before and the thought of jumping on another plane so soon after that makes me want to crawl into bed and not get out. Or maybe it's just the fall-like weather making me feel that way. :)


  1. You could just take 9 days of vacation and stay on the east coast coming back from germany. (I know how all us agility competitors have SO MUCH unused vacation time just sitting around...)

    Of course I think you should go because you and Icon are such a great team and a big nationals event like this is fun to leave your footprint on for the rest of history. (Says one who's staying home--but then I crapped out in both ST and GP so don't have quite the chance that you do of doing big out there.)

  2. Can you get a refundable ticket? Then you can decide at the very last moment whether or not to attend. Of course I think you and Icon should go to Kentucky.