Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh dear

The fundraiser for the AKC WT and Kathie has been going very well!  No WT member was required to participate in it, but pretty much everyone did!

One downfall of doing a great job with the fundraising is that the ticketing process is not very streamlined.  I generated tickets (from a pretty handy site and sent them out to everyone and they had to print and assemble them into ticket books of 10 tickets/book.

(stay with me, this story is going somewhere)

They look really pretty in color but I'm sure most (or all!) printed them b/w.  I know I did!

After assembling them into ticket books and someone donates we have to write the person's name on each ticket.  For the first book of tickets I made the person write her own name on her tickets but she didn't seem to be so thrilled about it so I decided that going forward I would just write the names in for people.  Most people donated in multiples of 10 so I would write the name on the cover page and store it away to write the names on each ticket while watching tv in the evenings.

(there's a point to this, honest)

This is fine, but OMG this is inefficient since we've had lots of donations.  For example, Ashley Deacon donated his Steeplechase Winnings from two USDAA events, a total of $136.  That's a lot of name writing!

So, now to my point.

I'm about 1/3rd of the way through writing down names, removing staples and placing the ticket stubs in a ziplock bag for safe keeping.  I chose a ziplock bag because I don't want anything to happen to them on the trip to Germany (like, say, my shampoo leaks all over my clothing).  Pretty smart of me, eh?

I leave the bag of ticket stubs on the coffee table because I do a little bit most nights.  The bag has been there for a few weeks at least. 

But today is either my lucky day or my unlucky day.  I left for work and got about 5 minutes away before I realized I forgot my laptop at home.  So I had to turn around and come back home.  As soon as I entered the house I knew someone had been up to no good.  I wanted into the living room to find....

Oh dear!

Someone was trying to destroy the bag of ticket stubs!  Luckily no ticket stubs were destroyed, but there are a few tooth depressions in some of them...

I know the guilty party is not Foster and I'm PRETTY sure it's not Rampage.  I had to look at the forensic evidence to decide if it was Apollo or Icon.
I think the evidence clearly shows it was a team effort.  Icon worked on the upper left corner and Apollo on the lower right.  Their motive is still unknown.  The best theory I have to keep Icon appearing like the perfect dog I think he is, is that he wanted to give each of these tickets his own personal blessing.  Or maybe he saw Apollo trying to destroy the bag of ticket stubs and in his attempt to save them he also damaged it himself. 

All I know for sure is that I'm glad I came home when I did!  If the ticket stubs were destroyed it wouldn't be the end of the world because we have a ticket tracking spreadsheet where we record everyone's name beside the ticket number.  But boy that would not have been fun to re-create and re-name so many tickets!!!

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  1. You totally crack me up! Glad the perpetrators were "identified" and I'm sure (!) duly chastized... ;)