Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm done with agility trials!

at least until AKC nationals.  I'm already starting to feel unprepared though.  Maybe my handling will become rusty over the next few weeks... maybe I won't get to train again before nationals... my lesson today was cancelled due to high winds and I'm out of town next week.  I really love pre-nationals anxiety :).  This will be my first year running multiple dogs at AKC natioanls.  I hope I am able to give each dog the attention and focus they deserve. 

The trial was good on Saturday, the arena is really wonderful, the dirt is a sand/felt mixture that is great for the dogs (and people).  And there is really nice natural lighting.  We had a wonderful audience along the back side of the arena behind the rolled-up walls.  Horses in their stalls watched with great interest as the dogs ran around the agility course.  They could have applauded more, though.  I only wish the arena was a bit closer to home so I could drive back and forth (it's 2hrs away) or the RVing was more convenient and less expensive, it's 50/night for an RV and 1/2 mile from the arena.  I'd be better off staying in a hotel, but a hotel with 5 dogs?  I don't think so...

All the dogs got a QQ except for Rampage, and I'm kicking myself for that one.  I got lost on the JWW course and forgot to put in a front cross (it was my 4th time running the course, you'd think I'd have remembered by then!) and he dropped a bar when I added an emergency serpentine.

Cassidy got a bonus run this weekend because we tied for first in JWW, so we got to have a runoff.  Cassidy loves bonus runs!

The front cross before the triple got us a much tighter turn than the rear cross we did in the first run.

I'm still struggling with Rampage's contacts. There was a point when I thought we had it solved but we have regressed. "But they're perfect at home!" Yeah, yeah, I know. There is a fine line with Rampage between enforcing behaviors and keeping agility fun. And I haven't found it yet. But on the bright side, it's the behaviors that are missing, not the funness. :)  Rampage isn't entered at AKC nationals.  He was a QQ (or maybe 2) short from qualifying.  But I don't think I would have taken him even if he was, we're not quite "there" yet.

Cassidy got a QQ despite dropping the middle bar of the triple in standard. It dropped late and the bars make nary a sound on that surface so the judge didn't see it.  I'm not complaining :).


  1. Loved the videos and your comments. Good luck to you and Icon and Cassidy.

  2. Wow, I just said this to one of my classmates yesterday.
    But I meant..done. Sort of.
    Where was this trial? Love your description of the surface. Makes me want to go there.
    Thanks for the videos! Rampage is a beautiful dog. :-)
    I look forward to watching you run in Reno.

  3. Thanks Nancy! Apollo will be there competing too :). Are you going with Score and Schema?

    Celeste, you just need to get back out there and you'll start wanting to go to trials again soon :). The trial was Leone Equestrian in Rancho Cordova. Really nice place.