Thursday, March 1, 2012

Soooo busy

This Saturday I will finish my marathon of agility trials; my next trial after that will be AKC nationals.  I went to trials most weekends in January and February and I had fun but I am ready to be done.  I feel like I haven't had a moment to breathe in forever.  My goal was to get the dogs on dirt as much as possible before nationals because they don't get to run on dirt very much in general.  I was pretty successful in that.  I'm so sick of dirt.

I was hoping I could cut back on my work hours after we had a rollout last weekend, but it seems to be getting crazier rather than quieter.  Oy.  Something's got to give there and I hope it's not me.

In the last two trials I met Icon's co-breeder's sister and niece (got that?)  They were both very nice.  They have a cattledog that they do agility with.   The niece was there taking photos and she offered to send me some, and how could I say no?? :)

Rampage is always so happy


Serious Icon

Cassidy, aka The Honey Badger.  There's a story behind that nickname and maybe I'll find some time to share it in an appropriately amusing way.  At least it's very amusing in my head, I just need some TIME to write it down.


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