Saturday, January 11, 2014

That hiking thing

I love hiking with my dogs.  I have been doing a lot of solo hiking lately due to mixed schedules with my hiking buddies.  I have really enjoyed the time for solitude and reflection but I have to admit that some Saturday mornings, after a long work week, it's HARD to get up and get everyone ready to go when there isn't someone else waiting to meet us at the trailhead.  So I was happy that today I managed to meet up with Kay and her boxer boys.  And I got to share her birthday with her!  Happy birthday, Kay!

We went to Almaden Quicksiver County Park for an unspoken (but I'm sure silently agreed on) 6ish mile hike.  However, we were so involved with talking and laughing that we missed a turn-off and our hike ended up being 10 miles.  It was such an easy 10 miles with the company, though.  We laughed the entire way! (well maybe 9 out of 10 miles for laughter.  We did talk about Pook a bit and Kay told me a not-so-funny story about a kitty she knew in her childhood.) 

I always try to take lots of photos wherever I am, but I'm having issues with my iPhone camera that only seem to appear when I'm hiking.  But I did get two photos!  

A pretty traditional Icon/Rampage shot.  Icon is always off-leash when we hike because he's just SO good (and he drives me batsh!t crazy when he's on leash).  I'm always expecting to get an off-leash ticket from the rangers but so far, so good (probably because he's just so good).  

Kahve and Stash.  Those boxer boys laughed the whole way.  That's just how boxers roll.

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  1. Yay! I am so glad you are writing in your blog again!!!! Love the boxer shot :)