Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The year of THINGS!

I say farewell to 2013!

It was a good year, but one hell of a boring year.  Aside from work I have no clue what I did with it.  I went to AKC nationals with Rampage (fun!) and a backpacking trip with Icon, Rampage, Tammy and her dogs (sooo fun!) and some hiking and agility in between.  But otherwise...hmmmm.

For 2014 I have plans... so many plans!  They involve things with dogs, things without dogs, things with new dogs, things in the US, things in Canada.  So many things!  With a 6 week sabbatical, 5 weeks accrued vacation and 3 weeks vacay during the year I can do so much with 2014 aside from (blech) work.

In the (almost) words of Allie Brosh...

In 2014 I will DO ALL THE THINGS!!

(still looking for Thing suggestions too!)


  1. You always have such low expectations for yourself. :-) Wishing you a wonderful list of Things that get Done.

  2. Thanks Ellen! Good idea to make it a list of Things that get Done. So far it's more of a holistic Thing Plan. I'm sure we both know how holistic Thing Plans can end up when they're without lists.

  3. Really happy that you are blogging again!