Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brotherly Love

I love how good my boys are with Kirk.  They don't all LIKE her, but they are good with her.  Maybe they already know that in a few short months she will be the boss of them.

Foster has always been good with puppies.  He's a good shoulder to lean on.  This is Icon and Foster back in the day.
 photo IMG_7789.jpg

And Foster is still great with puppies, of course.
 photo IMG_2474b_zps07a56fb9.jpg

Icon thinks that puppies have their uses.  They are fun to herd, anyway.

 photo IMG_2313b_zpscc13cec9.jpg

But he likes puppies on HIS terms only.  He's very appropriate though.

 photo IMG_2358b_zpse384205a.jpg

Rampage just wants to be left alone.  "I'll just stay as far away as possible and look handsome"
 photo IMG_2316b_zps4be7473e.jpg

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