Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kirk's newest BFF is Bansky.  Banksy is 3 weeks older than Kirk, but she is not all that much bigger.  Their butts are around the same height, but Banksy's shoulders are higher.  This is a good thing because it gives me hope that Kirk will be a normal size border collie and not a midget.  Of course Banksy is supposed to be REALLY small so maybe Kirk will still be a midget and Banksy will be an extra midget.
Kirk looks up to Banksy, and I'm worried she might be a bad influence on Kirk.  Doesn't she look a bit devious?  Kirk is so innocent. 


 Vicious Banksy!

Ok, Kirk has a vicious side too...

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  1. That Banksy does look like trouble, blue dogs usually are, while tri dogs are perfect. Oh wait... maybe Banksy's tri cancels out the trouble part. ;-) They are both adorable, that is for sure!