Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy birthday Polly!

Yesterday was Apollo's 6th birthday! That is 42 in dog years or 60 in boxer years. But he still has the emotional capacity of a teenager. That's why I love him so much, though!

Polly says, "Huh? What's a birthday?"

But Icon said, "Hey I know what a birthday is! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! "

Well at my house on your birthday you get a ribeye cooked to perfection ALL to yourself! Polly was all over that!

Icon was sad though. His birthday isn't until December! But no worries Icon! At my house you also get your own steak of you do something special at agility! If you recall correctly, you got one after your MACH on June 1st. You have ample opportunities coming up, such as the NW regionals you can try to do something nice (like if you win GP I'll give you TWO steaks) and you'll get one when you earn your ADCH too!

Foster didn't care about birthdays or steak. He just wanted to fetch his frisbee!

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  1. happy belated birthday the most handsome boxer on earth!